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untapped austin—music and beer: mankind’s best inventions

By Tyler Malone

Dancing under cracking thunder, eardrums in the crowd pulse, this is bliss. Total happiness is being enfolded by beer and comforted by music, two of mankind’s best inventions. Enjoyment on such a heavenly scale is sadly rare, but the ever-expanding Untapped music and beer festival hopes to remedy that. Even in a place known as the live music capital of the world, there’s room for more music, more taps, and more happiness.


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Beer List Announcement

stay hoppy’s austin untapped fest beer guide

By Daniel Reifsnider

In just under three days, Austin music and beer folk alike will be celebrating the first time the Untapped Indie Music and Beer Festival has hit within city limits. As such, we here at Stay Hoppy thought it’d be nice to continue sharing some tips we’ve learned from previous events to make your festival day be just a little happier (more like hoppier eh oh!). I know, I know you’re probably asking yourself “when there’s great beer and music involved, what could possibly happen to make my day go bad?” Well, standing in line while you could be drinking a beer for one. Another possibility is using up all your beer tickets before realizing that one beer you desperately wanted didn’t make the cut.

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