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scotus lgbt decision and hoppy thoughts

by The Stay Hoppy Team

The Supreme Court of the United States of America voted in favor on one of the most historic advancements in US history over this past weekend. The LGBT community took the biggest strides of their lives towards equal rights, and all of the Stay Hoppy crew couldn’t be happier.

Some may think that beer and politics shouldn’t mix and we should just focus on the beer. Well to that I say no. For one, beer and politics have had their hands tied together since civilization knew how valuable beer was. It’s unfortunate, but it’s inevitable that beer and politics will mesh together and pretending they won’t is absurd. The only thing we can do is to voice our thoughts through mediums like this to ensure the local beer scene has equal opportunity to succeed.

And two, focusing on the beer also means to focus on the most important aspect; the people behind the beer, which means standing up for what’s right, equal human rights. In our opinion, there’s nothing ‘political’ about equal human rights.

Beer has always been about community and it would be a shame to not talk about our community of fellow beer lovers that just rightly won their rights to marry one another the same as others. And we’re not the only ones in the Texas beer community that feels this way. Check out Lakewood Brewing, Deep Ellum Brewing, Jester King and Hops & Grain and how they shared their support via social media on this historic day. I saw people on Deep Ellum’s Facebook page voice their disgust and future loss of support, which was expected but unfortunate to see. However, for the most part, the outcry of support for the decision and the support from these breweries has been met with love and joy.

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Matt, closing thoughts: This site has never been about page views or ‘likes’ or being popular. The only thing I have cared about since day one is the advancement of support for local craft beer and meeting the people behind it. Part of that support is to, in my opinion, stand up and shout our support for another community of people. For anyone out there that may be on the fence about this issue, go out and enjoy a craft beer with a gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender person with an open mind, open heart and thirsty belly. You never know, you may just find a best friend out of it.

Daniel, closing thoughts: Love is truly a beautiful thing and when everyone, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity is given an equal opportunity to voice and express their love then, I believe incredible things can happen including incredible beer. It’s about damn time that we as a society finally get our heads out of our ass and realize that there are other beautiful human beings out there with hearts filled with love that deserve equal rights to express that love. Not only does this decision allow for that, but I’m also hoping it’ll present me with more opportunities to drink great beer to celebrate that¬†love with my friends and family.

Just remember, beer doesn’t discriminate, people do. Think hoppy thoughts, and the beer will do the rest.

Let’s hoist a beer (or several beers) in support for this amazing advancement in human rights. Celebrate good times come on! Cheers!