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the beer diaries world tour: belize

By Daniel Reifsnider

As many of you know, the venerable The Beer Diaries are a notable addition to the Austin and larger national craft beer community, providing the entire community with brewer focused stories and insights into the larger world surrounding craft beer.

The folks behind the stalwart have announced a new series to their video catalog focused on expanding our knowledge of the history and culture surrounding craft beer communities around the world. I’m personally excited about this new series since I’m greatly interested in learning more about the socio-economic factors surrounding craft beer communities around the world, including the people and culture that birth and support/not-support craft beer.

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Live Oak Tour and Tasting Pour

an ode to the humble brewery tour and tastings

By Matt Abendschein

With the news of Live Oak ditching their old digs for a brand new space near the Austin airport, feelings of sorrow rushed through me. ‘Out with the old, in with the new.’ That’s the saying right? With places like Live Oak, I don’t want the new. Give me the old any day of the week.

*Get me the cans of Live Oak though!*

With the explosion of craft beer lately, gone seems to be the humble brewery with tours and tastings. The popular thing nowadays is the fancy new tap room where the brewery sets itself up almost like a bar. When I first got into craft beer, the norm was a brewery tour with glassware. You pay an entrance fee and that gets you a certain amount of pours and a brewery tour usually led by the owner or head brewer. That’s a dime a dozen now. Where did it go? Why has it vanished into the mash tun of emptiness?

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The clouds begin to part.

tcbf 2015 – the magic is now!

By Daniel Reifsnider

Next Saturday, July 19th, the Texas Craft Brewers Festival descends upon the thriving beeropolis of Austin, TX. As usual, the festival is taking place at Fiesta Gardens and this year’s shebang is looking to be the best one yet with over 150 beers being poured by over 60 Texas breweries (and quite of bit of them are brand new this year).

We here at Stay Hoppy have been long time fans of this festival, and it’s our collective thought that not only is this festival one not to miss, but it’s also one of the best beer festivals that happens all year. From the amazing selection of rotating rare beer tappings to the one on one time spent with brewers during the V.I.P session, this festival is a wondrous celebration of Texas beer year after year.

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Beer List Announcement

stay hoppy’s austin untapped fest beer guide

By Daniel Reifsnider

In just under three days, Austin music and beer folk alike will be celebrating the first time the Untapped Indie Music and Beer Festival has hit within city limits. As such, we here at Stay Hoppy thought it’d be nice to continue sharing some tips we’ve learned from previous events to make your festival day be just a little happier (more like hoppier eh oh!). I know, I know you’re probably asking yourself “when there’s great beer and music involved, what could possibly happen to make my day go bad?” Well, standing in line while you could be drinking a beer for one. Another possibility is using up all your beer tickets before realizing that one beer you desperately wanted didn’t make the cut.

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