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Live Oak Tour and Tasting Pour

an ode to the humble brewery tour and tastings

By Matt Abendschein

With the news of Live Oak ditching their old digs for a brand new space near the Austin airport, feelings of sorrow rushed through me. ‘Out with the old, in with the new.’ That’s the saying right? With places like Live Oak, I don’t want the new. Give me the old any day of the week.

*Get me the cans of Live Oak though!*

With the explosion of craft beer lately, gone seems to be the humble brewery with tours and tastings. The popular thing nowadays is the fancy new tap room where the brewery sets itself up almost like a bar. When I first got into craft beer, the norm was a brewery tour with glassware. You pay an entrance fee and that gets you a certain amount of pours and a brewery tour usually led by the owner or head brewer. That’s a dime a dozen now. Where did it go? Why has it vanished into the mash tun of emptiness?

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Photo by The Second Shooter

austin beerworks’ sputnik: to the stars!

By Tyler Malone

After NASA launched Orion away from the anchor of Earth’s gravity, it’s obvious that the spirit of the space race is alive. For most of us who aren’t astronauts, though, we’ll have to settle for beer to send us to the stars. So just in time to celebrate the new space age, Austin Beerworks launched their twenty-fourteen Sputnik Cuvee Coffee-infused oatmeal Russian Imperial Stout. It caused quite a roar, too. People weren’t hiding under desks. They stood in a line by the dozens, a boozy Black Friday. And in the end, they received the best deal they could wish for: beer.

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a friday night at infamous brewing with the beer diaries

By Daniel Reifsnider

This past Friday, Carlos was successful in wrangling me from the confines of my after-work routine, and convinced me to join him in a trek out to Infamous Brewing for the latest showing of The Beer Dairies featuring Infamous Brewing.

After a lazy drive up 620, Carlos and I eventually arrived in a foreign land named Hudson Bend, which is home to Infamous Brewing and a group of people who like to go by the name of Benders. If you don’t know about Benders, they tend to exemplify the “I do what I want” spirit of Texas, which I suppose is even more reason to found a brewery named Infamous here.

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