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stay hoppy’s austin untapped fest beer guide

By Daniel Reifsnider

In just under three days, Austin music and beer folk alike will be celebrating the first time the Untapped Indie Music and Beer Festival has hit within city limits. As such, we here at Stay Hoppy thought it’d be nice to continue sharing some tips we’ve learned from previous events to make your festival day be just a little happier (more like hoppier eh oh!). I know, I know you’re probably asking yourself “when there’s great beer and music involved, what could possibly happen to make my day go bad?” Well, standing in line while you could be drinking a beer for one. Another possibility is using up all your beer tickets before realizing that one beer you desperately wanted didn’t make the cut.

Take a hard learned lesson from us, and don’t stand in line for a beer when you could be enjoying an equally good beer instead, and don’t use those beer tickets on beers you could probably enjoy in the comfort of your own home. When a beer ticket becomes as precious as a jailhouse cigarette in Shawshank, you’ll probably want to save them for those beers that either make your mouth water, or those that you’ll never see again.

So with that thought in mind, here’s a list of some of the beers we’ll probably be grabbing at the Austin Untapped Festival, instead of using up precious beer tickets or beer drinking hours standing in line for other beers.

Also, If you haven’t done so already, be sure to grab you ticket to the festival at Spune Tickets. Check out the Austin Untapped Festival website for more information about food trucks and music as well.

*Editor’s Note – We compiled this list based off of Eric Puga’s list on The Austin Chronicle website, as well as the Austin Untapped Festival’s official beer list.

Stouts, Strong Ales, and Barrel-Aged Misc. 

Looking for something that will kick you down and leave you begging for more? These dark ales and barrel-aged beers will definitely do the trick. Just remember to get back up once you’re done and grab another, or the keg will probably run out if you lingering too long.

(512) Brewing Co.
Rum Barrel Bruin and Wild Bear

(512)’s barrel-aging program has been killing it for some time now, and they’ve proved that they can stand up to the big boys across the country. The shy, yet ferocious Wild Bear is once again being spotted around town, but if you were unlucky enough to miss this beast on tap you’re in luck to have another chance.

Adelbert’s Brewery
Oaked Tripel B – Oak Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel

As if Adelbert’s Tripel B already wasn’t great enough, they went and stuck some oak spirals in it for quite some time until it developed a sweet, oak and vanilla profile that goes great with the yeasty and spicy esters of the base Tripel B. This beer is definitely greater than what it was before, and if you’re a fan of oak and Belgian tripels, you do not want to miss this beer.

Austin Beerworks
Templar Nights – Barrel Aged Stout w/ Cherries

With a proven track record of amazing stouts, including a RICO stout that needs no introduction, I have no hesitation that this barrel-aged stout with cherries will be absolutely delicious, and worth every inch of that ticket.

Brooklyn Brewery
Weizenhammer – Weizenbock

The latest release from Brooklyn’s well-established Brewmaster’s Reserve series, this weizenbock sounds like a truly interesting winter style beer brewed for the warm summer months. As brewmaster Garrett Oliver describes it, “the Weizenhammer smashes in with a rush of bold, juicy flavors and a bright zing of hops, then veers to a surprisingly dry finish.” I’m honestly excited to see how this stacks up to local favorite Live Oak’s Primus. 

Circle Brewing Co.
Devil’s Envy – Barrel Aged Envy Amber Ale

Unfortunately, I had to miss out on Circle’s 4th Anniversary party this past month, but this was one of the beers from that party I was most excited to try. Taking their normally deliciously smooth Envy Amber Ale, they then placed it in whiskey barrels to impart that smooth vanilla and slightly oak profile most beer drinkers relish these days. I’m honestly excited I get another chance to try this beer.

Community Beer Co.
Barrel Aged Legion – Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout

Okay, this is one I’m definitely excited about. Community is known for brewing outstanding, well-rounded beers, such as their already incredible Legion Russian Imperial Stout, but they then had to go and stick it in some bourbon barrels until it developed vanilla, coconut, and smooth bourbon notes. Seriously, I’ve never had this beer, but ever since I heard about it I’ve been waiting for a chance to try it.

Oak Aged Mosaic – Oak Barrel-Aged American IPA

What was I saying about Community brewing already outstanding beers? Oh right, their Mosaic IPA is among the greats to showcase just how amazing the Mosaic hop truly is. However, Community took it to the next level and placed this American IPA in oak barrel to develop smooth oak notes. I’m looking forward to seeing how well they managed to pull off a barrel-aged IPA, but I have very little doubt it’ll be great.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
Lil’ Opal – Oak Barrel-Aged Saison

Firestone Walker shows the world once again that they are one of the masters when it comes to barrel-aging. This light and golden saison is made even better by a masterful oak barrel aging that make this beer greater than the sum of its parts. This beer is especially refreshing on a hot, Texan day.

Founders Brewing Co
Kentucky Breakfast Stout – Bourbon Barrel Aged American Imperial Stout

Yeah I won’t even talk about this beer, because it’s usually the first to blow at an Untapped festival, and usually the one with the longest line. While an amazing beer on its own, I personally don’t think it merits the ridiculous lines that follow it wherever it goes. Unless you’re the first five people in line, don’t bother and go for another beer instead, like Community’s Barrel-Aged Legion, or Karbach’s Bourbon Barrel Hellfighter.

Karbach Brewing Co.
Bourbon Barrel Hellfighter – Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter

Skip the line for BCBS or KBS and head to Karbach’s tent to revel in the delicious BBH. Containing a perfect blend of smooth bourbon vanilla and oak with a great roasted porter, Karbach’s BBH has been a crowd pleaser for quite some time since it first hit taps and shelves several years ago.

Lakewood Brewing Co.
The Temptress – Imperial Milk Stout

If you’ve never had Temptress from Lakewood, than I’m afraid you’ve been missing out on a lot of life. This imperial milk stout is just as it name implies, tempting you to take sip after sip until it’s all gone and leaves you begging for more.

North Coast Brewing Co.
2013 Old Stock Cellar Reserve – Brandy Barrel-Aged Old Ale

What’s that you say? You’ve been desperately trying to save your bottles of North Coast’s Old Stock for more than six months, but every time you try you always end up drinking it all because it’s so delicious? Well friend, I’ve got great news for you. Not only is North Coast busting out the perfectly aged stuff for us, they’re also one-upping themselves and busting out their Old Stock Cellar Reserve on top of that. This beer is sure to go quick, so  be sure not to miss out.

Oskar Blues Brewery
Barrel Aged Old Chub – Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale

If you’ve never experienced the incredible beauty that barrel-aging imparts on Old Chub, then I’m afraid you’ve been doing it wrong. I’ll cut you a break though because this is one rare beer to find. The subtle complexity that barrel-aging adds to the already outstanding scotch ale is something everyone should experience at least once.

Peticolas Brewing Co.
The Duke – American Barleywine

I know you’re probably thinking by now that if it’s not shoved in a barrel and left to age for sometime, then that beer probably isn’t worth appearing on this list. Well you’re wrong, because Michael Peticolas and his gang know how to brew a killer barleywine that combines perfect malt sweetness with subtle alcohol presence and hop character to create a truly outstanding beer. I’ve enjoyed this every time I’ve had it, and I have no doubt I’ll continue to do so at this festival.

Real Ale Brewing Co.
Tenbrae Aeterna – Sour Porter

Real Ale recently debuted this sour porter at an ABGB party last month, but the tap hasn’t seemed to close on this beer since. With a great subtle sourness that pairs perfectly with the not too thick yet not too thin body, this beer is a sure winner all around.

Saint Arnold Brewing Co.
2013 Pumpkinator – American Double Stout with Pumpkin Spices

Seriously, Saint Arnold must brew like 20 times the amount of Pumpkinator than they actually release, because it seems like every festival that I go to these days there’s always plenty of aged Pumpkinator to go around. Not that I’m complaining or anything. And there’s probably not enough to go around for everyone at the festival, so be sure to stock up on this beer while you’re there.

Wheat Ales, Pilsners, and Refreshing Misc. 

So you’ve decided to take it easy and enjoy the music while drinking some delicious yet easy drinking beer? These refreshing beers won’t steer you wrong, and you might just hear a favorite song or two since you won’t be lying face down in the dirt after drinking one of these.

Independence Brewing Co.
Red Bud – Berliner Weisse

Are you taking a water free day and focusing on beer instead? Skip the water line and drink some of Independence’s newest can in their lineup, this lemony, tart ~4% Berliner Weisse. This beer goes down clean and refreshing, yet leaves you with some of what the Righteous Brothers were referring to a while ago. Don’t worry; you can always replace it with more Red Bud though.

Karback Brewing
Staycation – Dry Hopped Session Ale

Karbach’s answer to the session ale craze is brewed with a blend of barley and wheat and dry hopped with Bavarian Mandarina hops and is sure to be a winner at this Untapped festival. While I’ve personality never tried it, the description of this beer sounds like a lush, wheat infused citrus bomb that opens up refreshing, and goes down smooth. I can’t wait to try it.

Lakewood Brewing Co.
Hopochondria – American Session IPA

I haven’t had a chance to try this beer yet, but from the Lakewood’s description, I’m pretty excited to. Coming in at 3.5%, this is definitely a session beer that promises to deliver the ctirus, floral, and grassy notes so many hop heads are found of. While that sounds near impossible to me, I know the awesome brewers at Lakewood are fully capable of delivering the beer impossible.

Real Ale Brewing Co.
Hans’ Pils – German Pilsner

This GABF silver medal winning German Pilsner needs no introduction to the Austin crowds. Clean hoppy bitterness pairs with a great smooth malt body to produce this outstanding refresher for any Texan day, hot or cold. If you’ve never enjoyed a Hans, I suggest you fix that problem immediately.

Pale Ales, IPAs, and Hops Misc. 

Alpine Beer Co.
Duet – American IPA

Alpine recently came to the Austin market, and they brought their heavy year-round hitters to support their expansion. All I can say is thank you, because Duet is one of those IPAs that after drinking makes you wonder why other IPAs just aren’t as good. Brewed masterfully with Simcoe and Amarillo hops, this IPA is outstanding.

Austin Beerworks
Heavy Machinery – Double IPA

Austin Beerworks’ Heavy Machinery series has already been celebrated throughout Austin for around two-years now, but a clear favorite among the world-class lineup is this double IPA. Often people dream about beers that balance malt and hops perfectly to create a beer that is as delicious as the food in Hook. Well folks, ABW’s double IPA might just be it.

Hops and Grain
Hop Dog – Double IPA
Peach of a Pale – American Pale Ale Brewed with Peaches

One of my personal favorite breweries in the city, Hops & Grain is known for creating masterfully unique beers that are every bit as enjoyable as their names imply. Both Hop Dog and Peach of a Pale are world-class, excellent beers that deserve every bit of your attention. Wanting something a little malty sweet, but still possess a nice hop bite? Go for a Hop Dog. Looking for something a little more easy drinking, with great peach notes pushed along by clean hoppy bitterness? Go for Peach of a Pale.

Middleton Brewing
Garnet – Belgian Pale Ale
Easy Rider – Golden Ale
Pepperhead IPA – IPA/chili beer

Located in San Marcos, I haven’t had the chance to try any of Middleton’s beers yet, so I’m honestly excited that I get to try another Texas brewery’s beers at this festival. I’ve heard good things.

Peticolas Brewing Co.
Sit Down Or I Will Sit You Down – American Double IPA

While Peticolas could easily win awards based on their beer names alone, they don’t have to worry about that because they already brew such outstanding beer. This double IPA is dry hopped with over a pound of hops to produce an incredibly fresh and bright hop character that isn’t overly bitter and is balanced near perfectly by the malt. I enjoyed this at last year’s Texas Craft Brewers Festival, and I can’t wait to enjoy it again.

Thirsty Planet Brewing Co.
Double Buckethead – Double IPA

While Thirsty Planet is well-established for their already great Buckethead IPA, the grand folks decided to up the ante and brew up this imperial version. This beer has a great balance of malty sweet with piney, grassy, and slightly citrus hops notes that make each sip a true pleasure. Definitely not a beer to miss out on.

Lone Pint Brewery
Yellow Rose – Mosaic American IPA

Native beer drinking Texans have been singing drunken songs about Yellow Rose ever since Lone Pint released this single hopped mosaic IPA. Few are able to equal the amazing tropical and citrus hop notes this beer possess, but that’s a good thing for us festival goers. If you’ve never tried this beer before, now’s your chance.

Sour Beers, Tart Beers, and Funky Misc. 

Avery Brewing Co.
Lilikoi Kepolo – Passionfruit Sour Ale

Do you like sweet, sour and fruity all rolled up in one? Go for this rare passionfruit based ale from Avery to satiate your thirst. Possessing a great balance of passionfruit sweetness and tart/sourness, this beer shouldn’t be passed over lightly.

Jester King Brewery
Montmorency vs. Balaton – American Wild Ale
Repose – Barrel-Aged Biere de Garde
Figlet – Saison/Farmhouse Ale with Smoked Figs

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any Jester King beer, especially the three they’ll be serving up at this festival. If you want something a little sweet and cherry, go for the Montmorency. If you’re feeling something with a little more barrel character with sweet alcohol presence, go for the Repose. And if you’re feeling something a little smoky and sour, go for the Figlet, which is fermented on local figs smoked at Franklin Barbecue. There’ll probably be a line for Jester King, so you should probably stock on up beer before hand.

Real Ale Brewing Co.
Tenbrae Aeterna – Sour Porter

Real Ale recently debuted this sour porter at an ABGB party last month, but the tap hasn’t seemed to close on this beer since. With a great subtle sourness that pairs perfectly with the not too thick yet not too thin body, this beer is a sure winner all around.

Revolver Brewing
Sangre y Miel – American Wild Ale

This beer came out of left field for me, and I couldn’t be more okay with it. Revolver is known for brewing standouts such as Blood and Honey and Fracker Barrel One, but this wild ale is the one I’m most excited about in their offerings.

That’s it for our beer list! Be sure to check out the promotional media from Untapped below, and no matter what, be sure to have a damn good time at Austin’s first Untapped festival.


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