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“Love Austin Beer” Pop-Up Gallery Show by Bitch Beer

By Daniel Reifsnider

Most everyone I know loves to travel in one way or another. Truly, nothing is often more glorious than getting out of the daily grind and finding yourself in a previously unknown location and experiencing life in its entire splendor with a beer in hand. Whether visiting a new brewery or beer bar, or even finding that perfectly secluded spot to gorge on some canned beer, nothing beats imbibing in a brand new place. It’s what the best memories are made of, and we here at Stay Hoppy fully endorse the travel to drink mentality.

Traveling for beer is the motivation behind a new screen print gallery happening this Friday, December 12th at Studium, located right next door to one of our favorite haunts, Wright Bros. Brew & Brew. Created and hosted by the ladies over at Bitch Beer, the “Love Austin Beer” pop-up gallery show is meant to provide several of these ladies with traveling monies for their upcoming trip across the pond to Europe next year to work on a beer travel book they’ll be writing soon.

However, the Love Austin Beer gallery sounds like more than just an excuse to take your money and spend it on fine European beer. Instead, the gallery is meant to portray what we all hold dear in our hearts and minds – the great city of Austin and its excellent beer. Some of the best Austin made beers will be depicted in whimsical and clever screen prints created by Jessica Deahl, Bitch Beer’s own resident artist.

A total of 10 Austin beers will be immortalized in poster format, and 50 copies of each will be available for purchase at the event. Several of the posters have already been revealed, and they look awesome to say the least. I know us at Stay Hoppy are seriously looking forward to this event, where beer-art mixes with beer and company to create an evening for the ages.

Be sure to check out the event description over at Bitch Beer for a full rundown of the event, and also be sure to check out the Facebook event page for more information and last minute details.

As drunk Rick Steves would (probably) say, “keap on traveyling…bitches.”

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