Photo by The Second Shooter

austin beerworks’ sputnik: to the stars!

By Tyler Malone

After NASA launched Orion away from the anchor of Earth’s gravity, it’s obvious that the spirit of the space race is alive. For most of us who aren’t astronauts, though, we’ll have to settle for beer to send us to the stars. So just in time to celebrate the new space age, Austin Beerworks launched their twenty-fourteen Sputnik Cuvee Coffee-infused oatmeal Russian Imperial Stout. It caused quite a roar, too. People weren’t hiding under desks. They stood in a line by the dozens, a boozy Black Friday. And in the end, they received the best deal they could wish for: beer.

A beast of beautiful science, Austin Beerworks not only released their twenty-fourteen Sputnik, they also offered the final fills of the vintage twenty-thirteen brew. To go along with the brewery’s black robe swag, they had their new Brown Porter, which is derived from Sputnik and devoid of coffee. The other star of the tap wall was War Monger, a dry hopped extra pale ale, extra on the American. Gourdough’s Donuts used this year’s Sputnik for a luscious donut glaze, as well. Hundreds of holy pantries were eaten within the first hour as Cuvee Coffee shared a few carafes to offer dark but non-alcoholic libations.

Austin Beerworks offers great imagery and branding at their brewery, which certainly a location any beer lover in Austin should experience. The experience is the complete package, too. It doesn’t matter if the brewery was assembled by geniuses and marketed by madmen, if there wasn’t a love of the craft and a desire to be one of the top breweries in Austin, then all of it wouldn’t fly. It wouldn’t take us to the stars. So make some time this weekend to strap yourself onto Sputnik and take a tour of the universe.

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